Abstract: Cloud computing is emerging as a new paradigm for the IT industries and it become so popular in a very short time. Virtualization is one of the core technologies in the cloud and enables the provider to deploy infrastructure services in cloud environment. Cloud provides the computing resources to the client as a service in the form of VM. VM is the logical entity which is similar to the PM and executing the user application. As the demands for the computing resources is increasing, proper resource consumption of the physical resources main challenge for the service provider. Since cloud resources are communal by the numerous users and the demands for the resources is change frequently, so there is a requirement for a valuable load balancing method that enlarge the resource utilization and amplify cloud services the performance. In the past few decades, various load balancing method have been proposed. These all methods use the VM migration approach for balance the load on the PM. Since cloud consist of several type resources i.e., CPU, memory and bandwidth, so if one type resource is utilize more than other resource will be wastage. This resource wastes diminish the resource utilization. This paper proposed a load balancing approach that amplify the physical resource utilization and curtail the energy consumption. To calculate the performance of the proposed approach it is compare with the existing load balancing approach and judge against the number of migration, energy consumption. CloudSim simulator is use as a simulation tool to create the cloud environment. Experiment results say that proposed approach gives better result as compare to the existing load balancing method.

Keywords: Cloud, virtual machine, physical machine, energy efficient, resource utilization, VM migration.