Abstract: Aircraft maintenance is the one of the critical aspect in the aviation industry. Human error is cited as a major causal factor in most 80% aviation mishaps, including the 15% - 20% that involve aircraft maintenance error. In this paper, the analysis of human factors in aircraft maintenance (HFIAM) has done to reduce human errors and to improve the current maintenance practices in order to decrease the number of aviation mishaps caused by maintenance-related error. In this paper a Self Descriptive Method- A quantitative descriptive approach adopted to collect and assess the data. A survey administered to a sample population of aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians in regional airlines revealed a steady problem with aviation human errors and the need for a more unified structure to manage human errors in aircraft maintenance. Overall the method adopts a practical, cost-effective and balanced approach to applying Human factors to improve overall organizational effectiveness, culture, personal learning and growth.

Keywords: Aircraft Maintenance, Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance (HFIAM), Aviation Mishaps, Self-Descriptive Method, Airlines, Survey.