Abstract: The impact of technology has made strategic and competitive advantage of universal banks in a real time environment on the efficient and real time processing of bank data that eventually increase the banks’ income. This is a new way of channel of accessing and doing transactions in banking industry who embraced the online banking as a new paradigm of communication and online transactions. The new technology where created so that the clients can access their accounts without delay anywhere and everywhere twenty four by seven in their own convenience. This kind of traditional transaction normally done inside the banks premises. In this paper, the researcher aims to recommend a new model of computing ROI as a function of three Independent variables like internet banking compliance, ratio of the bank’s number of branches to the number of branches of all the five banks and ratio of bank’s loan to its deposit liability were the factors contributors that affect the ROI. The ROI was based on Dupont formula where these three variables were being studied. The researcher also used multi-regression in predicting the effect, extent and impact of three independent variables in banking practices on five universal banks in the Philippines. This work is a contribution in the ongoing research towards adaptation of ROI model based on Dupont formula using data mining.

Keywords: e-banking, Internet Banking Compliance, Ratio-to-Total Branches, Ratio of Lending to deposit liabilities.