Abstract: Programmed networks, generally known as botnets, such as a network connected by computers is known as botnet. In core, a bot is merely a sequence of either a series of commands or program, or scripts that is deliberately aimed to link to a server and accomplish a sequence of commands in order to develop a malicious or harmful attack. Botnets, basically it does several functions and it became the origin of many internet attacks. It is the main cause for the attack to take place. The attacker is the one who is going to attack the computers in the botnet. The attacker is known by the name as botmaster, in case of defending from attacks in future it is important to know how the attacks can be detected and prohibited from the past attacks. This paper is focus on, a comprehensive analysis on the current peer-to-peer (P2P) botnet [1, 2, 5] weaknesses, how to identify the threats and secure against the botnets, and how to increase the security performance level on botnet which is comparable on the past performance. It is considerably hard for an attacker to hijack or crash or hack the other system.

Keywords: Botmaster, Peer-to-Peer Botnet, Detection, Monitor, Malicious attack, Crash, Computer Security.