Abstract: A Box-Wilson composite design scheme has been applied to study the property-composition relation of a polymer-modified concrete. The ultimate goal was to develop a regression equation, which would predict the compressive strength development of a composition with the curing period. A two-level design was constructed with three variables, mainly sand: cement, water: cement and polymer: cement. The homogeneity of the data was tested with Cochran ratio; the significance of the coefficients of the regression equation is tested by t-criterion. Finally the adequacy test was performed by Fishers’ criterion. The regression equation, so formed, describes the property-composition relation satisfactorily. This equation may be used in making repairing as well as structural material making compromise between the price and strength.

Keywords: Polymer Modified Mortar (PMM), Epoxy resin, Binding material, Compressive Strength, Box-Wilson composite design.