Abstract: One of the important problems for direct and in-direct injection diesel engines is meeting the stringent emissions norms. In case of Diesel engine trade-off is present between soot and NOx. Researchers are striving for Improvement in the field of compression ignition engine, current research scenario is mainly focused on enhancing the combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency can be increased by optimizing the injection timings, by variable compression ratio, increasing the swirl and turbulence in the combustion chamber, testing of different blends of diesel as alternative for diesel, optimizing the shape of piston head and many more. For analyzing these different factors, cost effective and less time consuming way simulation is the. The increasing confidence of using CFD techniques in engine designs depends on continuously improved CFD codes in terms of their fidelity and ease-of-use. Two pioneering works including the KIVA family of CFD codes and the STAR-CD family of CFD codes have made tremendous contributions in bringing CFD techniques to engine simulations. The other main competitors in commercial engine CFD software are FIRE, FLUENT, CFX and VECTIS.

Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamics, CI engine.