Abstract: Disasters such as network failure, hardware crash, and application failure are some of the common problems in IT services. It is crucial for cloud service providers to provide seamless services to their customers even if their servers are down, due to a disaster. A simplified interface is introduced to the customers of disaster recovery-cloud to adapt the heterogeneity of cloud service providers. We propose a fault-tolerant multi-cloud storage called DR-Cloud (Disaster recovery cloud). This service makes use of DR-XOR (Disaster Recovery Exclusive or) code which maintains data redundancy and uses less repair traffic during data transfer. DR-Cloud is implemented on both local/commercial clouds and DR-XOR code helps to achieve reasonable performance during cloud interactions. This system is also built with an authentication mechanism using MD5 algorithm.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, DR-Cloud, multi-cloud storage system, DR-XOR code, fault-tolerant storage, Exclusive-or operation.