Abstract: In this paper, an ATmega32 based system for blood oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring using GSM is developed to measure patientís oxygen percentage and body temperature in real time. Two sensors LM35 and thermistor are used to measure temperature and SPO2 sensor is used to calculate oxygen percentage in blood. Nowadays many people are dying because of various health problems so a device will be designed to keep track on patient which should be easy to use, portable, light weighted, small size so that it gives freedom of mobility for patient. The devices which can be carried everywhere to keep track on patients health. The system is for home use by patients that are not in critical condition but need to be constant or periodically monitored by clinician or family. In any critical condition the SMS is send to the doctor or any family member so that we can easily save many lives by providing them quick services.

Keywords: Sensors, oxygen saturation, temperature monitoring, patient.