Abstract: World moves from stone era to métal era and now moving towards composite era. Petroleum based synthetic fibre reinforced composite are more adoptable in day to day application due to properties that can replace metal. The drawback of synthetic fibre reinforced composite is it’s renewability, degradibilty. The ecofriendly alternative to synthetic fibre is Natural fibre. Natural fibres are a promising reinforcement for use in composites on account of its low cost, low density, high specific strength and modulus, no health risk, easy availability in some countries and renewability. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in finding new applications for natural-fibre-reinforced composites that are traditionally used for making ropes, mats, carpets, fancy articles and others. This review presents a summary of recent developments of natural fibre and its composites.

Keywords: Natural Fibres, Composites, Sisal, Rice husk, bamboo, jute.