Abstract: Many a times the columns in a structure need to be closely spaced to meet the architectural and functional requirements. This leads to the overlapping of stressed zones and may change the behavior of system of footings placed closely. In the present study, the interference of two strip footings is investigated. The footing resting on three soil mediums namely soft clay(C-soil), sandy clay(C- soil) and medium sand (-soil) is considered. The behavior of individual footing on each medium is first established. In case of interference study, the two footing are considered to be at same level but at different depths represented by depth ratio D/B and at different spicing represented by spacing ratio S/B. The effect of interference when two footing are at different levels is also studied and presented. The analysis is carried out for static loading conditions by applying incremental uniformly distributed loads till failure for different loading sequences, depths and spacing. The analysis is carried out using PLAXIS-2D, a modern finite element tool for geotechnical analysis and presented.

Keywords: Interference, strip footing, PLAXIS-2D