Abstract: As Per Study it is estimated that nearly One-third of India's population lives on the coastal region and is dependent on its resources. As The Parsis Religion pray Fire, seashore water and Well water because of this religions The Heritage Town Udwada is popular of Parsis. The Udwada Atash Behram, also known as the Iran Shah, "King of Iran", is one of the eight fire temples of the Zoroastrian religion located in Udwada in the Indian state of Gujarat on the west coast of India. In that Coastal Shoreline erosion, storm surges and extreme events have resulted in severe loss of human life, damage to ecosystems and to property along the coast of India. Study is to be carried out in the Udwada region of Gujarat reveal's over the low-lying coastal zone, which has suffered significant erosion from the last Few Year. The study of Udwada coast directly supports the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan of the Gujarat State by this the identification and assessment of coastal hazards and the overall vulnerability to coastal flooding and erosion occurs. Thus the key results from this study can be used to save Heritage Property and the Development of Udwada and also can step toward mapping the hazard line for the entire coast of India which will help in protecting human lives and property living near the coastal areas of India.

Keywords: Coastal Erosion, Shoreline, Currents, Effect of Tide on Udwada Coastal.