Abstract: Sustainability, energy efficiency and green architecture etc. are some terms frequently used due to the growing concerns of the depleting energy resources. Some groups are actively engaged in trying to work towards it, while most others are blissfully ignoring these environmental concerns and going ahead without considering the impact their actions are having on the environment. But to address it to the ever evolving modern lifestyle, which wouldn’t prefer using a simple mud house over a well-built concrete structure, is the real concern.The objective of this paper is to focus on the importance of the revival of Assam type Architecture or ‘Ikora Style’, with adaptation to modern context and technology. The methodology for the paper would be to select an area in Kamrup district and collect the general features of an Assam Type house and its benefits. This will be supported by the study of how it has sustained over the years; and the negative impact its dismissal is creating on the environment. The reason behind its prolonged sustainable existence being it is climate responsive and seismic resistance. An assessment on the prospects and problems with Assam Type Architecture are discussed.

Keywords: Assam type Architecture, Sustainable concepts, Climatic design, Seismic resistance.