Abstract: Turbopump is one of the main modules of liquid rocket engine and represents a large part of rocket engine overall cost. So improving the efficiency of turbopump and reducing its weight are effective ways to improve the performance of rocket engine. Turbopump includes group of blades and rotating disk. Rotating disks from the past are of great importance to designers. One of the best examples of such applications is gas turbine disks. Rotating disks undergoes mechanical load as well as thermal load. A disk experiences pressure internally because of being shrink-fitted onto its mounting shaft. Also the blade placed on its external boundary cause an outer load, which will increase the load on outer edge. Blades experiencing high temperature gases create a temperature field to vary on the disk. In present study, the rotating disk is optimized by numerical simulation method [ANSYS].

Keywords: Turbopump, Liquid Rocket Engine, Rotating Disks, Numerical Simulation Method.