Abstract: The designing and modernization of a re-entry space vehicle requires accurate and reliable data on the flow field, aerodynamic characteristics, heat transfer processes. Taking into account the wide range of flow conditions, realized at hypersonic flight of the vehicle in the atmosphere, it leads to the need of incorporating various features occurring in the gas phase and on the vehicle surface. The experiment on this project concentrates on understanding the various characteristics of hypersonic flow and re-entry vehicle and the reliability on CFD software for determining the flow characteristics. The selected model for study is ISRO CARE test flight. The capsule is modelled using Design Modeller and meshed in Ansys. The analysis is carried out using CFX. K-omega 2 equation SST model is used for turbulent modelling in CFX analysis. K-epsilon model is also used for comparing the results. Profiles of pressure, temperature and velocity are mainly studied. The effect of angle of attack on the flight profile is also studied.

Keywords: CARE, flow characteristics, hypersonic flow, re-entry capsule.