Abstract: This research paper is based on Energy distribution which is fabricated for the transmission line distribution by using different technologies & sensors. This paper represent our views over power distribution system by adopting smart way to meet future energy requirement. The main purpose of this paper is to describe you how this system works, how the device which is used in this system works & how it help to power boards of nation to energy management throughout country. This is an electronic system which is implemented by the Arduino & GSM Module to give command and receive feedback. This system uses the technique of power shedding to different region of the country. This system is fully automated & able to work continuously after the detection of fault and starts route diverting of the power and recheck the tradition path is healed or not then shoot message on the register mobile number.the relay Module is started or tripped as per the command given by the Arduino UNO This system is easily implemented on the homes for the personal energy management to save their power consumption.

Keywords: Arduino, Current Sensor ACS712, Relay Module 6V & 12V, GSM Module Sim900, RTC, AC to DC Power Supply.