Abstract: One of the most common electrical motor used in most applications is induction motor; hence analysis of induction motor is much essential to find out utilization index of a motor for better performance. Hence protecting induction motor from some faults is necessary. The use of microcontroller technology has enabled the design of energy-efficient and cost-effective control systems for induction motors[3]. This paper presents PIC microcontroller based control system for protection of a single phase induction motor. Due to electrical fault the winding of motor get heated which leads to insulation failure and thus reduce the life time of motor. This protection scheme protects the single phase induction motor from under voltage, over voltage, over current and over heat[4]. It also measures speed of the motor. PIC microcontroller monitors the overall process.

Keywords: Induction Motor, PIC Microcontroller, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Heat, Speed.