Abstract: Construction and demolition waste generation has exceedingly increased around the world. About 40% of construction and demolition waste is generated annually. Out of various types of construction and demolition waste, concrete constitutes about 80% of the total waste. Therefore, it is necessary to recycle concrete waste to recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate concrete. The workability and strength properties of the aggregate obtained from the demolished waste concrete are reported in this paper. An attempt has been made to compare the physical and mechanical properties of the conventional concrete aggregates and that of aggregates obtained from the demolished waste concrete. In the present experimental work, it has been decided to conduct studies on three mixes of concrete namely M15, M20 and M25 which are generally and widely used in practice. The recycled coarse aggregates are mixed in different percentage 0 %, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% along with the natural aggregates.

Keywords: Recycled aggregates, Mix design, Workability, Compressive strength, Flexural strength.