Abstract: Present investigation lead to know about the diversity of intramural aeromycobiota of Rice Godown of a rice mill situated in Desaiganj, the place located in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra state. During the present study a total count of 597 fungal colonies comprises of 28 species and 13 genera were isolated over CzA media. Deuteromycotina was found to be the dominant one followed by Ascomycotina and the maximum number of species was found to be of Deuteromycotina. Aspergillus was dominated with the frequency of 34% followed by Alternaria and Fusarium. Simpson’s (1-D) diversity index was found to be 0.9605 and the Shanon (H’) diversity index was found to be 3.279.

Keywords: Intramural, Aeromycoflora, Rice mill, Godown, Aspergillus, Alternaria.