Abstract: Surfactants are the compounds which reduce the surface tension between two liquids or between solid and liquid such as detergents, emulsions, wetting agents etc.There are different types of surfactants such as anionic, cationic, zwitterionic, non-ionic. Aionic Surfactants such as sulfate, phosphate, sulfonate and carboxylates. Alkyl sulfates includes Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(SDS), Sodium Lauryl Sufate(SLS) etc.Anionic surfactants are potentially dangerous environmental pollutants due to their high-volume use in laundry and cleaning products ,they are omnipresent water contaminants . The aim of the research work is to investigate the optimized conditions for removal of anionic surfactants from domestic waste water using acidified saw dust. The initial concentration of anionic surfactants in domestic waste water is 20 ppm. After the sample is treated with acidified sawdust the anionic surfactants concentration is estimated by solvent extraction by using as solvent and Acridine orange as indicator and at 467 nm in UVSpectrophotometr.The optimum conditions for removal of anionic surfactants were Time of 90min, Adsorbent dosage of 5%(W/V), pH-7 and at 25?C temperature obtained. From the obtained optimal conditions, the removal efficiency was 70% and it was improved to 90% using chemically Acidified sawdust.Column Chromatography and their kinetics were also studied. In Column,Chromatographic studies the sample is feed to column in batch process. For every 10 min the sample is collected and concentration of Anionic Surfactants is estimated by solvent extraction method the maximum % Removal of Anionic Surfactants is obtained at 45min of 90%, and their kinetics were estimated pseudo second order is best for the process the correlation coefficient is 0.99.

Keywords: Keywords: Surfactants, Optimization, Acidified sawdust, Column Chromatography, Kinetics.