Abstract: The municipal solid waste landfill in Bahrain (Askar landfill) reached its end use capacity by 2016; however it's still operating and receiving municipal wastes. This research aims to find out an alternative site for the existing landfill to be used during the current period and for near future. Five landfill alternatives located next to Askar, and eleven decision criteria have been proposed. The study applies two analytical approaches to establish the best landfill. The adopted approaches are Fuzzy Set analysis and Analytical Hierarchal Process analysis; both approaches are based on multi-criteria decision. The results for both methodologies are almost the same as the ranking of the five alternatives for both methodologies are similar with slight difference in landfill positions 3 and 4, where the best alternative is found to be landfill (3), which is located below the existing landfill at Askar.

Keywords: Landfill site, Municipal Solid Waste, Multi-Criteria Analysis, Fuzzy Set Analysis, and Analytical Hierarchal Process.