Abstract: Automotive industry uses stainless steels for place where needed corrosion resistance and magnesium alloys to reduce weight of chassis. High mechanical properties of these materials are reasons for preference however low formability of these materials in the ambient temperature creates manufacturing problems. In this study, enhancement of bending ability of a stainless steel and a magnesium alloy by local heating was investigated. The specimens were bent in V-bending die by using a servo-press at room temperature. Load and deformation rate were determined during forming process. Final shapes were measured by Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Same procedures were conducted with locally heating (heating the region of deformation) and the results were compared with cold forming. It was observed that locally heating the bending area was adequate to give form the workpiece and this result was verified with finite element modelling.

Keywords: Locally Heating, Formability, Stainless Steel, Magnesium Alloy, Finite Element Modelling.