Abstract: With the advancement in the amount of data generation, a procedure of taking out of useful information and patterns from huge data become crucial which is termed as Data Mining. It is also called as knowledge discovery process, knowledge mining from data, knowledge extraction or data /pattern analysis. In this paper, we discussed about a few optimization techniques which are quite useful for the extraction of optimal results. Animal migration optimization is the process which considers the behavior of the animal movement for moving to other positions. Genetic Algorithm (GA) performs three operations like selection, crossover and mutation over the chromosomes for the best possible result. Ant colony optimization (ACO) is based on the action performed by ants for getting the food from the shortest and superior path. And finally particle swarm optimization (PSO) which considers the particles movement and velocity then calculate best position for the movement. This paper would be useful for the best understanding of optimization technique.

Keywords: Data Mining, Animal Migration, GA, ACO, PSO.