Abstract: Big Data Analytics is one of the primary focuses for data science. Its importance lies in its application in gathering information by many public and private organizations. The domains' specific information may have critical content concerning cyber security, national intelligence, health information, economics, and fraud detection. The current operations in technology and common activities revolve around the transfer of large data, making them predominate in the operations and the handling of real-time data. This paper aims at analyzing different application domains in the information technology architecture that involve the visualization of the massive data systems such as the X-SimViz. The framework is necessary for making analytics and visualization of real-time big data. The paper will address the issue of the big data major challenges facing design, implementation \& operation through describing the methodology, result, discussion and concluding remarks on devising approaches and strategies that could assist in reconciling security with privacy in Real-time Big data analytics.

Keywords: Big Data Analytics, Real-Time Analytics, Big Data Challenges.