Abstract: Concept of cloud computing relevant to smart city was started with understanding the information management in construction projects. This paper is an attempt to explore the potential applications of cloud computing in a smart cities project. Relative Importance Index (RII) analysis was carried out to find out the critical parameters which can be helpful to establish a framework for development of smart city. Amongst the identified critical parameters it has been observed that application of mobile phones or mobile apps can be very effective for real time monitoring of the work progress which is helpful to minimize the time and effort for monitoring an activity associated with the development of the smart city project. It helps Government organization in different tasks to reduce time and cost for development of smart cities. This application is run through cloud because daily huge data feeds in this application and data mining is easily done in different sectors of smart city. For a smart city project which may be primarily multidisciplinary in nature these applications are helpful to improve the project coordination, project collaboration, for generating accurate real time project data and also for identification of project specific information which might be useful in implementation of the project.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Smart cities, Real time monitoring, Process flow, Mobile application.