Abstract: As India is the second largest manufacturer of two wheeler Motorcycles, so most of the Indian population prefer two wheelers for their daily travelling. There is also some reasons like economic, travelling distance and traffic on city roads behind preference given to two wheelers. During travelling on two wheelers many parts of body are directly in contact with vehicle but Hands are main interface between rider and two wheeler. While travelling, handlebar transfers vehicles vibration to human body. These vibrations are due to engines inertia and combustion force, road induced vibration & improper structural designs and they are quiet varying with respect to speed, fuel supply. The prolonged exposure to these vibration may affect different parts of human body mostly hands, spine, lower back. This exposure to part of body of operator is called as ‘Segmental vibration’ which will result in ‘hand-arm vibration syndrome’ (HAVS). These vibrations also results in mental retardness and high blood pressure which are very severe. This paper is the review the work in the area of HAVS and reveals the fact that, up to certain limit vibration are not hazardous but after exceeding that limit they are very hazardous.

Keywords: Motorcycles, vibration, Hand Arm Vibration, Whole Body Vibration, Handlebar.