Abstract: Today’s we are active in the age of big information with complex hazards. In the ancient time, the volume of the data will be less the well managed structure, form data provide a greater output using RDBMS concept. The current theme defines the unstructured and semi structure data define the complexity as a challenging area So on this day we reduce the problem with the Hadoop concept with fetching huge information, manage, provide security. RDBMS doesn’t handle this problem so the technology moves for the new platform i.e. called Hadoop. To write this paper I have Study about improving data security by means of Hadoop as well as Crypto technique with HIVE ecosystem. Next the detailed study of Hadoop using hive w.r.t cryptography we define Kerberos algorithm for the security purpose, I am contribution my work. This paper is distributing in four sectors. In sector-I, I am donating just basic introduction about Hadoop with hive algorithm for improving data Security. In sector-II, I am present detailed description, in sector-III, I am presenting working procedure with results, and in sector IV, I am Offering conclusion and references where I have completed my research.

Keywords: RDBMS Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Hadoop, Big Data Platform, GFS, HDFS, MapReduce, Real-Time Processing, Hive, Pig, VMware, Cloudera.