Abstract: Pin-on-disc unlubricated wear tests for 1.5% carbon steel were conducted under operational conditions of load between 0.0625 & 0.749 MPa and speed between 1 & 4 m/s. All wear tests were conducted for the distance travel of 5000 meters. This work is based on the effect of microstructure on wear rate. Different microstructures have been developed like combinations of pearlite and cementite by annealing, almost 100 percent cementite by quenching and spheriozided cementite by interment forging. SEM and XRD micrographs have been studied to understand the wear mechanisms. It is observed that spherodized cementite shown least volumetric wear rate than other developed microstructures.

Keywords: Hyper eutectoid steel, Spherodized cementite, Wear rate, SEM, XRD.