Abstract: As India is the second largest manufacturer of motorcycles, so most of the population prefer two wheelers for daily transportation. Also there is economic reasons, road conditions, and transportation distance for the people’s preference to motorcycle. Driving for long duration exposes motorcycle rider to extreme vibration arised from engine, road surface etc. resulted in severe effects on human health like musculoskeletal disorders, spinal injury, Harm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), vibration induced white finger, finger numbness etc. So an approach towards motorcycle vibration reduction has to be carried out as the vibration transmitted through hand are of prime importance due to its severity. In this paper approach towards handlebar vibration has been carried by using analytical tools like Finite Element Method (FEM) where Modal vibrational analysis is done to find out response of structure to vibrations. Modal Analysis is well established technique which provides inherent dynamic properties of structure like natural frequency, mode shapes. Then experimental testing carried out for correlation of FEM results. There is good correlation found between software and experimental test results. Aim of this work is to develop method for vibration reduction by using software package (FEM) so, as to reduce time, cost required for experimental testing.

Keywords: Handlebar, Finite Element Method, Modal Analysis, Natural Frequency, FFT.