Abstract: One of the most favored encryption innovations to tackle the testing issue of secure information partaking in distributed computing is Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE). The shared information records for the most part have the normal for multilevel progression, especially in the region of human services and the military. In any case, CP-ABE does not investigate the hierarchy order structure of shared records. A productive record chain of importance attribute-based encryption plan is proposed in distributed computing. The layered get to structures are incorporated into a solitary get to structure, and after that, the progressive documents are scrambled with the coordinated get to structure. The ciphertext parts identified with attributes could be shared by the records. Accordingly, both ciphertext data storage and time cost of encryption are bifurcated. In addition, the proposed plan is ended up being secure under the standard presumption. Test reenactment demonstrates that the proposed plan is very proficient regarding encryption and decryption. With the quantity of the records expanding, the upsides of our plan turn out to be increasingly prominent.

Keywords: Ciphertext-policy, attribute-based encryption, data sharing, file hierarchy.