Abstract: The power devour has turned to an bothersome to many people since because of bolstered use of sight and sound gadgets. Multipliers are the primary wellsprings of energy consumption in these gadgets. In light of Multipliers Wallace tree are abating to give a range proficient system to rapid. The circuit of adder is considered as the principle part in the multiplier circuits. Various proposed are suggested to ameliorate the region of the Wallace multiplier. A Wallace tree multiplier is a quick type multiplier, which considers full and half adders. To the extent territory and execution of power of XOR entryway, XNOR doors and MUX viable. The Wallace tree multiplier using proposed full adder is obviously better contrast when compared with conventional Wallace tree multiplier.

Keywords: Wallace tree multiplier, Multiplexer, Full adder, half adder, Xilinx tool, RTL Complier Cadence tool.