Abstract: This paper deals with the waste heat recovery using heat pipe heat exchanger. Heat pipe is a device which carries the heat from high temperature region & ejects it to the cold or low temperature region. The advantage of using a heat pipe over other conventional methods is that large quantities of heat can be transported through a small cross-sectional area over a considerable distance with no additional power input to the system. The heat pipe heat exchangers are used in heat recovery applications to cool the incoming fresh air. Two streams of fresh and return air are connected with heat pipe heat exchanger to investigate the thermal performance and effectiveness of heat recovery system. The aim of this project work is to investigate the thermal performance and effectiveness of heat pipe heat exchanger for heat recovery applications by measuring the temperature difference of warm and cold air through the evaporator and condenser side. The hot-air temperature increased from 60 to 900C; the heat-transfer rate increased slightly. The mass flow rate of hot air increased from 0.30997, 0.4643, 0.4889, 0.508 kg/s led to a slight increase in effectiveness. As the hot-air temperature increases from 60 to 900C, the effectiveness slightly increased.

Keywords: Heat pipe; Heat pipe Heat exchanger; Heat recovery.