Abstract: The paper presents the methods of analysis of slabs as floor diaphragms. First, a framed building with &without considering shear walls is being modeled and analyzed using Staad-Pro Software. There are three types of Floor Diaphragm: a) Flexible Diaphragm, b) Rigid Diaphragm, c) Semi-Rigid Diaphragm. All the types of Floor Diaphragms are being analyzed with increase in floor rise as 7-storey, 15-storey, and 25-storey. All Floor diaphragms results being obtained and compared with them, to get the idea of floor diaphragm suitable for a particular type of structure, here only a 3x3 bay structure with equal distances of 5m is being used.

Keywords: Diaphragms, Floor Analysis, Flexible, Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Shear walls, Earthquake, Seismic, Lateral Loads, Vertical Lateral Load Resisting System.