Abstract: The research is about the role of incentive program on employee performance. These incentive programs refer to the financial and non financial incentives. This has been done to assess how these types of rewards can have positive effects or influence the quality of work, quantity of work, attendance and punctuality, work behavior and cooperation. The methodology used to facilitate the research included descriptive evaluative approach in order to answer the questions posted in the statement of the problems. The main tool for the data gathering and collection in this research was the questionnaire which was designed and validated by the researcher. Unstructured interviews were conducted to get more information, which supplemented the responses gathered through the use of the questionnaire. The results of the research showed that both the financial and non financial are appreciated by the respondents, in fact they all agreed on the contribution of these to the different performance criteria. However, it was very clear on the correlation that financial rewards are valued more by the respondents to have a much stronger effect on the employee performance.

Keywords: financial incentive, non financial incentive, quality of work, quantity of work, performance criteria.