Abstract: The structural hollow section rectangular, square, circular used in the steel construction will not simultaneously satisfy both the architectural and structural point of view. To overcome this constraint, Elliptical hollow section is the new shape introduced in the structural hollow section. Elliptical hollow section column in the steel construction is to have attention from architects and structural engineers. The elliptical hollow column section properties are taken from the codes EN 10210-2-2006, EN 10219-2-2006. The major axis used in the elliptical hollow section is 150,180,300,400 mm and the minor axis is 75, 90,150,200 mm. The thickness of 2mm.The aspect ratio is of 2. This performance of the class4 limit according to the euro code 3 elliptical section column by finite element software (using Abaqus software) under axial loading is determined. The critical load calculation by Rankine’s formula was also adopted in this study. The critical loads obtained from Abaqus software analysis and from Rankine’s formula are compared.

Keywords: Elliptical hollow section column, Rankine’s formula, Euro code 3, finite element analysis