Abstract: In todayís digital world, technology is very advanced and we prefer things to be done automatically without any human efforts. With the increase in standard of living, there is a sense of urgency for developing circuits that would ease the complexity of life. In this paper, a smart class monitoring system is made that makes use of RFID technology to mark attendance of employees and also serves the purpose of bidirectional visitor counter with room light controller. RFID or radio frequency identification is a method in which electromagnetic waves are used for transmitting data for the purpose of identifying tags attached to objects. The ability of the system to uniquely identifying each person based on their RFID tag type of ID card makes the process easier, faster and secure as compared to conventional method. The idea is to come up with a cost effective setup that can be used installed at workplaces. In order to have more capacity and less power dissipation, a more advanced microcontroller i.e. ARM7 LPC2148 is considered.

Keywords: DC motor, LCD, sensor, RFID (radio frequency identification), RFID reader and tag, ARM7 LPC2148, studentís attendance.