Abstract: The present days wind energy is act as highest role in power industries and also different types of wind technologies are used in power industries depend on the application. Mostly wind based energy generating industries are using double fed induction generator (DFIG) because it is cable to work wide range of speed and frequency. DFIG is a wound rotor induction generator and it improves the electrical energy with rotor and stator plus circuits. Stator sends power directly to grid in unidirectional way. Rotor circuit is connecting to bidirectional converter (AC/DC/AC). The bidirectional converter means power flow in rotor to grid (or) grid to rotor. The main advantage of grid voltage converter is used to maintain constant DC link voltage. In this paper DFIG is controlled by using PI and FUZZY controllers. Finally DFIG is controlled effectively by using FUZZY controller compared to the PI controller with total harmonic distortion analysis (THD). These technologies are design by using software MATLAB/SIMULINK version 2012b.

Keywords: Grid Side Converter, DFIG, PI, FUZZY, DC-Link voltage.