Abstract: Social networking has been archived remarkable importance in the world. Social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, Lnkedin and google plus gained remarkable attention in last decades. The people are depending social medias for information gathering, news, and openion polls of other users in different subjects. They gathering massive data from social network sites, it causes them to generate big data chararistised by different types of computational uses namely noise, size and dynamism. These of the issues make social data gathering process is very complex to analyse. It is a tedious task analysing them manually. It results, data mining provides wide ranges of systematic techniques for sensing useful knowledge from huge data sets of trends, patterns and rules[1].The data mining technology are used for information gathering, retrival machine learning statistical modelling. The major techniques employed in the processing and analysis of data interpretation process in the cources of data analysis process. In this case study discuss different kinds of data mining techniques used in social media mining diverse aspects of the social network over the decades going from the historical data gathering techniques to the up-to date models, incorperating over dominent technique named TRCM.

Keywords: Social Network, Social Network Analysis, Data Mining Introduction.