Abstract: Fly ash is a by product of Thermal power plants using coal as the fuel. The disposal of fly ash which is abundantly available in the country is the main problem. India has about 70 thermal power plants and produces an estimated 100 million tonnes of fly ash per annum. Such a huge amount of fly ash poses a variety of problems such as soil contamination, groundwater contamination and environment pollution.The aim of the present work is to use glass powder as a replacement of cement to assess the pozzolanic activity of fine glass powder in concrete and compare its performance with other pozzolanic materials like silica fume and fly ash. Glass is an ideal material for recycling; the use of recycled glass in new container helps save of energy. It helps in brick and ceramic manufacture, and it conserves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and the volume of waste sent to landfill. Due to this it increase the workability and decrease permeability and it having less Abrasion. By use of Glass Powder it Improved Flexural Strength.

Keywords: Glass Powder, Cement, Fly-Ash, Slump Test, Pozzolanic, Workability etc.