Abstract: Present study shows the removal of metal ions from mining wastewater using mine discarded waste materials as an effective and economical low-cost adsorbent. Obtained discarded waste material was categorized by using BET, XRD and FTIR analysis. This study was performed to remove the heavy metals from synthetic water sample similar to the AMD obtained from Gorbi abounded mine NCL, MP, India, by using sandstone channel. Continuous flow experiments were used to find out the most encouraging circumstance like pH, flow rates, size of sandstone as low-cost adsorbent materials. In this study experimentally obsessed that the sandstone has better adsorption ability for the removal of metal ions. Percentages of metal removal were 96% from a synthetic water sample. Also, in all tests neutralization process is occurred and the pH of the final solution increased TDS and electrical conductivity decreases during experimental analysis also. For the industrial aspects, the real mining influence water from mining industry was characterized by its quality standards and practical applicability of sandstone as low-cost adsorbent material for the removal of heavy metals.

Keywords: acid mine drainage, Neutralization, synthetic water, heavy metals, Sandstone.