Abstract: SrTiO3 and Sm3+: SrTiO3 ceramic powders were prepared by using a conventional solid state reaction method. The Structural, photoluminescence and dielectric properties have been studied for those ceramic powders. The XRD study reveals that the formation of mono phasic compounds and indicated structure to be changed from cubic to tetragonal by adding the samarium dopant. The Raman studies explain the structural phase transition and SEM with EDS explains the morphological and elemental analysis. From the SEM analysis reveals that the samarium doped strontium titanate grain size is increased compared to the pure strontium titanate. Under an excitation of 410 nm, corresponding to this transition is (6H5/2 ? 4L13/2) the emission wavelengths will be occurred. Among the all emission wavelengths, the 602 nm (4G5/2 ? 6H7/2) is a bright reddish orange emission wavelength. We also investigated the dielectric properties as a function of frequency in the range of (100Hz 1MHz) at room temperature. For dielectric properties, the dielectric constant (er), tangent loss (tan d) and as well as AC conductivity were measured. These dielectric properties can be used in energy storage applications.

Keywords: Rare earth ion, Photoluminescence, Dielectric properties, SrTiO3.