Abstract: CSP systems use direct solar radiation. There are two different systems point-focusing and line-focusing systems. Point-focusing systems (solar Paraboloid reflector and solar tower systems) need a two-axis tracking system, while line-focusing systems (parabolic trough and linear Fresnel systems) only require one-axis tracking. As the radiation intensity is the function of traveling length, many of research organization are working on how to reduce traveling length. In case of centre receiver system the focal is at greater distance than the solar parabolic trough system and the solar Paraboloid concentrator. The function of solar Paraboloid reflector is to concentrate diffused solar radiation at less focal distance. Heat is absorbed at receiver by conduction, convection to use it for various applications. The use of helical coil in evacuated receiver enhance heat transfer rate as compare to straight pipe because of greater surface area. Evacuated tube is generally used as receiver in parabolic trough concentrator to reduce convective and radiation heat loss from receiver tube.

Keywords: CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), Paraboloid Reflector, Helical coil Receiver, Evacuated Glass tube, Focal length.