Abstract: Cloud computing is one of the technology innovations. Provided users with a range of services ranging from store data and access those programs over the Internet. With it mobile learning via mobile devices availability, simplified and significantly which enabling students to learn more fully from a traditional system. An important aspect is that clouds have reduced learning costs, making learning more accessible; that can happen anywhere at any time when Internet access is available.The future refers to the development of mobile learning applications, thus introducing new concepts of education for young people, children, not only mobile learning for schools and universities, but also part of workplace training, creating new horizons for lifelong learning. We encourage Sudanese universities to adopt these ideas, which embrace mobile learning through cloud computing technology, to a system of learning processions of modernity and evolution, through this technology, different generations can participate in lifelong learning in an effective and time-saving manner.

Keywords: Cloud Computing , M-Cloud , M-Learning.