Abstract: Dicofol is an organochlorine miticide utilized for killing Red spite, vermin and so on generally utilised in cultivating and development fields like agriculture items. It is in an indistinguishable synthetic class from DDT and has a practically indistinguishable structure, varying by only one additional oxygen atom. Its harmfulness, solid impact, and malignancy causing nature influenced the condition and people, remembering the to control the antagonistic impacts of Dicofol on individuals, it is vital to focus on the evacuation of its deposits. We utilized expansive number of pesticides all through the world for the common place reaps and bugs, Here we are concentrating on Dicofol, was used generally in cultivating and development to control parasites like red demonstrates hatred for in apples, pears, sensitive characteristic item, cucumbers, tomatoes Etc. Vegetables. In the present study, Optimization of Dicofol by electro coagulation process is performed with various parameters and found to be Time(120 min),Voltage(15V), pH(5), RPM(700), and Electrode spacing(8cm). From these optimized conditions the maximum removal of Dicofol obtained was 95.52%.

Keywords: Dicofol, electro coagulation, optimization, organochlorine pesticide, DDT and aluminium electrodes.