Abstract: In the present days the price and usage of petroleum products are increased more and more, due to this the search of alternative fuels has gain more importance in order to replace it. Coming to the diesel engines the best alternative fuel is Biodiesel, because it can be used directly without changing the engine modifications. Performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine were reviewed in this work. This study was conducted using biodiesel prepared from the raw oils of palm. Performance and exhaust emissions of diesel engine have been experimentally investigated with palm oil (P100) and its blend (P10, P20, P40, P60 and P80) with diesel fuel. Engine performance parameters namely break thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption (SFC) and mechanical efficiency of CO, HC, CO2 and NOx were determined for different loading conditions and at constant engine speed of 1500 rpm. The test result indicates that there is a slight decrease in brake thermal efficiency and increase in specific fuel consumption for all the blended fuels when compared to that of diesel fuel with respect to increase in load. The drastic reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon were recorded for all the blended fuels as well as with neat biodiesel. However, in the case of oxides of nitrogen, there is a slight increase for all the blended fuels and with neat biodiesel when compared to diesel fuel with respect to increase in load. On the whole, Palm oil and its blends with diesel fuel can be used as an alternative fuel for diesel in direct diesel engines without any significant engine modification.

Keywords: Palm oil, Performance, Emission and Consumption.