Abstract: The study of vibration plays a significant role in many engineering problem. Free vibration analysis of a continuous beam with free-free boundary condition is carried out in this work Free-free end condition is generally encountered during operating condition of aeroplanes, missiles, submarine etc. where the structure is not supported at the both ends as such they are floating in space. Two significant parameters associated with a vibrating body are natural frequency and mode shape. In this work, the mathematical model of a beam is developed with the help of Euler- Bernoulli beam theory, which depicts the natural frequency of the beam and associated mode shape of the beam. FEM model of the beam has been created and simulation work is carried out on ANSYS 15.0 software. Moreover, experimental analysis is also performed through OROS software. Results obtained through mathematical model are further compared with experimental model and computational model, which provide a considerable agreement with each other.

Keywords: Free-Free beam, FEA, Ansys, OROS.