Abstract: Now-a-days, with increasing demand towards more eco friendly, organizations have become more responsible for their products and overall sustainability. To emulate in today’s challenging business environment, companies have to focus on GSCM that have great impact on enhancing on their performance. This paper aimed to introducing the concept of GSCM and its implication for TSCM. This paper also gives the basic difference between TSCM and GSCM. This study is introduced find out what is TSCM and how to redefine the basic structure of TSCM, also explore major factors included in GSCM. GSCM is research area focused on the product to become more environment friendly. This paper conceptualizes the influences of the adoption of GSCM practices in organizational performance. This paper exposes the introduction of GSCM by taking Wal-Mart as an example.

Keywords: TSCM- Traditional Supply Chain Management, GSCM- Green Supply Chain Management.