Abstract: In present day, power has become the fundamental need for human life. The availability and its conjunction is regarded as the index of national standard of living in the present day of civilization. energy is an important input in all sectors of any countries economy. The objective of this project is to design a setup that leads to generating electricity .the energy which is going waste when human climb the stairs. This human energy is utilized and converted into electrical energy. This generated energy is cost effective and nonhazardous for human. Power can be generated through stepping on the stairs, the generated power will be stored and can be used for domestic purpose. To obtain the above purpose, The experimental setup is designed which contains the structure, dome, rack, spur gear, bearings, flywheel, shaft, springs, chain drive and dynamo.The working principle is based on law of energy i.e mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. When force is applied on footstep rack and spring get compressed therefore the pinion is rotated. This rotates the chain drive arrangement. The flywheel is coupled with chain drive to regulate the fluctuation and finally the dynamo is connected with the shaft. Thus reciprocating energy is converted into rotating energy and mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. The energy generated is risk free and pollution free. The way of energy generation is eco friendly and nonhazardous to human. The output of energy increases as weight increases. The weight range is from 10 to 15kg. The LED bulb blows is of 9 watt and the rang of voltage obtained is from 8 to 35 v as per the changes in weight. The electricity is produced in low budget when mass production and installation is done. The required area is low, no obstructions in traffic, easy maintenance and construction.

Keywords: Foot step Energy, Eco friendly Power.