Abstract: Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) has increasingly found its way into the area of metal cutting machining and in many areas, has already been established as an alternative to conventional wet processing. In contrast to flood lubrication, minimum quantity lubrication uses only a few drops of lubrication (approx. 5 ml to 100 ml per hour) in machining. This paper deals with a view to optimize the pressure (P) and flow rate (Q) of cutting fluid in MQL system with different type of cutting fluid to obtain improved machining performances in turning EN-8 steel by uncoated carbide insert in respect of tool wear. Fluid selection is important for MQL because it must be a superior fluid such as vegetable oil or synthetic oil. The costs of these superior fluids are higher but eliminate the need for costly fluid recycling and disposal services. MQL may be an ideal option because of the elimination of fluid waste while maintaining the benefits of using oil, but the specific fluid delivery method for individual facilities requires an in depth understanding of the technical aspects of MQL that could make it unfeasible to use this method.

Keywords: EN-8, MQL, Tool wear, Taguchi, S/N ratio.