Abstract: Quality and productivity play important role in today’s manufacturing market. In machining operations, achieving desired surface quality features of the machined product, is really a challenging job on CNC machine. Now a day’s due to very stiff and cut throat competitive market condition in manufacturing industries. The main objective of industries reveal with producing better quality product at minimum cost and increase productivity. CNC milling is most vital and common operation use for produce machine part with desire surface quality and higher productivity with less time and cost constrain. To obtain main project an attempt is made to understand the effect of machining parameters such as cutting speed (m/min), feed rate (mm/min),depth of cut (mm) that are influences on responsive output parameters such as Surface Roughness, material removal rate, diamentinal accuracy in this the flatness can be measured by using optimization philosophy. In this work three levels and three parameters are considered; and L27 orthogonal array should be carried out by using two different insert coatings. For the experimentation the wet conditions is taken. In this optimization of milling process parameters using Taguchi method in machining of AISI 316 stainless steel is carried out.

Keywords: CNC milling, Taguchi method, Surface roughness, MRR, AISI stainless steel 316.