Abstract: We provide some recommendations for the productivity improvement. Due to non-availability of the proper instrumentation the effect of the ill practices cannot be precisely judged. If this is properly measured, the percentage of productivity improvement in steel melting Induction Furnace can be calculated. The review is carried out from the literature in the various journals and manuals. The aim of this paper is to study the overall performance of induction furnace and to suggest the method to improve melt rate with optimum use of electricity. This paper mainly put attention on induction furnace as these are main consumer of electricity in foundry. In case of induction furnace efficiency is sensitive to many controllable features lie in operational practices, coil height; charge mix, furnace utilization etc. So with the help of recommendation, it is easy to find out the ways to lower the specific energy consumption in this furnace. So, in this paper we are trying to develop certain relationship between input and output parameters to improve the Whole process.

Keywords: Induction Furnace, Molten metal, Productivity, Melt rate, Energy Consumption.